Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Despite Google's best attempt to hide my existence from the world you've found yourself in my tiny corner of the internet. Welcome, I'm Gail.

You don't need to know that my Grandad bought me my first camera at age 5 (true though) and that I've been watching people through my viewfinder ever since. Sounds creepy but it's not. Really.

You just need to know if paying someone to take photographs for you is going to be better than those ones that you snapped on your phone. Selfie mode is there for a reason, right?

If someone is always missing from the family photos because they are behind the camera (yep, that's me), then the answer is yes. If your family won't listen to you but will happily, and annoyingly, take direction from someone else, it's another yes. Having a family gathering and don't trust that distant relative who says they have a fancy camera but then the photos never show up (been there)? Then yes, paying a photographer takes that stress away. So many reasons.

I have been professionally photographing individuals and families, capturing their natural beauty for over 15 years. My style is natural, lifestyle inspired portraiture and I aim to create a friendly, relaxed photoshoot experience. This can be an individual branding session, a girls day out, a family get together, creating memories in the park - for people and families of all ages and the people who love them.

I don't just take photographs. I catch memories that can be treasured and passed on for generations.

A few of my favourite things:

Chocolate, mint tea, Belinda the chicken, little fluffy clouds, chocolate, vintage cameras and lenses, cheese, tartan, the beach, holidays in Anglesey, conker season, chocolate, sleep.